PaperStone Panel

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In just a few steps, you can select and order your panels. Choose the color, thickness and quantity for each size of panel you would like to order. “Add a product” to add additional items to your order.

Be sure to follow the instructions in MEASURE & PLAN to determine the panel requirements for your project. PaperStone® panels that are ¾" or greater in thickness are suitable for horizontal countertop use without a substrate. Thinner panels may be used for backsplashes, other vertical applications or over a supporting underlayment.

Your panels will be made to order and will be shipped to you within two weeks of order placement.

Due to the size and weight of PaperStone® panels, most panel orders will be palletized and shipped via common carrier. Customers need to be present to receive their delivery and have helpers available to assist with the unloading. Drivers are not allowed to help.

PaperStone® weighs 1.8 pounds per square foot per ¼” in thickness. For example, a 30” x 8’ panel that is ¾” thick weighs 108 pounds and a 30” x 12’ panel that is 1 ¼” thick weighs 270 pounds. The pallet and packaging will add additional weight. Smaller panels, weighing less than 80 pounds, may be shipped via UPS.

Customers in Canada, and all States except AL, AK, AR, DE HI, IN, OK, MS, LA, KY and western Ohio please call for your local distributors contact info.

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Choose one of nine rich earthtones. Raw panels are unsanded and unfinished. See image for example of the look achieved with surface treatments and finish. Note: PaperStone is an organic product that may vary in color.

Our panels come in six standard sizes, in two widths and three lengths.

Our panels come in three thicknesses.

Choose a quantity for the panels you selected above. Select Add a Product if you would like to add other size or color panels to your order.
Your panel will be made to order and will be shipped to you within two weeks of order placement.
Please call 888-655-5040 for pricing.